Sporting Tales: Culture Man

A tale of action, suspense and romance, set in Winchester, England's ancient capital

A novel of 230 pages available as a paperback and Kindle eBook on Amazon.

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Rob's "Year of Culture" gave him purpose last year: to perform and blog about a cultural activity each week. This year he's at a loss until a mix-up at his ex-girlfriend Marianne's laboratory leads to limited superpowers. He resolves to win the local tennis tournament, the Hampshire Cup. His best friend, Paul, and his physio, Kate—who can't resist a superhero on the books—help him. Meanwhile, a supervillain stalks Winchester stealing cultural artefacts—all of which, oddly, have featured in Rob's blog. Nicknamed the Velvet Vandal by the local press, the crimes become more ambitious and Rob is drawn in.

Soon he, Paul, Kate and Marianne are entangled in a summer of mystery and adventure. Who is the Velvet Vandal? What role does Marianne's sinister professor play? And can Rob's powers lead him to discover his true calling? Amongst the rooftop battles, daring raids on an Oxford laboratory, hopes of romance, an escaped anteater, and the morally dubious attempt to win the Hampshire Cup, a thrilling climax approaches.

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